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Key Colony Beach

There are 815 residents of Key Colony Beach, but the population peaks to about 3,600 in mid-winter and averages around 2,500 most of the year. There are 749 registered voters. The city was founded in the early fifties by developer Phil Sadowski and was incorporated in 1957. The city is situated on 286 acres and contains approximately 1,340 units of housing, 136 undeveloped lots, 9 lots development in progress.

A little Key Colony Beach History

Or how to build an island city. Shelter Key, one of the Fat Deer Keys, was to become the City of Key Colony Beach. Originally 97 low laying acres. There was a sandy beach on the ocean side, but much of the island flooded during high tides. In the early 1950’s a pair of Phil Sadowski dredges began pumping around the clock. The island was increased to both the South, East and North. Eventually the island had grown to almost 400 acres. Sadowski had purchased the ocean bottom, on the ocean side up to four hundred feet from the shoreline. This was a coral sand bottom which was dredged and pumped in as the final fill on most of the island. After the fill was solid dredges began cutting in the canals adding this material from the canals as additional fill bringing the island to six feet above mean sea level. Cypress timbers were used as seawalls to hold back the filled land.
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Things to Do

In addition to the city golf course and tennis courts, the city offers a variety of other recreational facilities. Some of these include a basketball court, bocci ball court, horseshoe area, public restroom.

The children’s playground offers the following equipment: sliding boards, swings, merry-go-round, tetherball, dome gym climber, swinging bridge, see-saws and spring hobby horses.

Walking and jogging courses – throughout the city are designated pedestrian areas. Three master courses are .4, .5 and .8 with a course board located in front of City Hall marking the courses along the Causeway, East Ocean and West Ocean Drives.

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