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Islamorada Alligator Reef Dive Video – With TriggerFish

Found a nice little patch of structure near Alligator Reef to explore. We got 91 minutes of bottom time on a single 80 cubic foot tank of air each.Watch out for the TriggerFish.

Grey Triggerfish


  • Olive-gray in color with plate-like scales
  • Small mouth with chisel-like teeth used for crushing
  • Dorsal and anal fins marbled
  • Upper and lower lobes of tail elongated in large adults
  • Young have large dark spots on the back (sometimes persist in adults)

Similar Species: Other triggerfish

Size: Up to 17 inches

Fish (Top 5)


Hard-bottoms, reefs and ledges in water depths that exceed 80 feet.


Triggerfish can raise and lock their first dorsal spine; pressing down on the second dorsal spine acts as a trigger, unlocking the first spine.


Additional Information

State Record: 12 lb 7 oz, caught near Pensacola July 15, 2001

Recreational Regulations

Fishing Tips:

Because they prefer the same type of habitat, they are almost always found in association with red snapper. Triggerfish feed primarily on benthic invertebrates including crabs, sea urchins, shrimp, sand dollars and mollusks. Recreational anglers commonly catch triggers on squid or cut bait but they are also harvested by spear fishing. Triggerfish are notorious bait stealers and often frustrate anglers targeting larger snapper and grouper. Because triggerfish have a hard, bony mouth, it is very important to use a small, very sharp hook. Light to medium bottom fishing equipment with 20 to 50 pound test line is sufficient for triggerfish which average 2 to 4 pounds.

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