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FWC Approves Draft Changes to Spotted Seatrout Rules

One of my favorite fish to catch and eat is the Spotted Seatrout. The rules may be changing for both Commercial and Recreational fishing and are quite complicated and different in different areas of the state.

At its meeting in Cape Canaveral, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved several draft rule changes for spotted seatrout. Based on public comment at the meeting, the Commission also directed staff to continue considering public input and update the proposal as needed prior to bringing this back at a future meeting for final approval.

Approved draft changes include:

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Staff will bring a final proposal to a future Commission meeting that will incorporate public feedback gathered at today’s meeting and through other input gathering processes.

Provide online comments about these draft changes at

Maps by FWC.

Source: FWC approves draft changes to spotted seatrout rules

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