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Florida Keys Reef Lighthouses Getting Help

The Florida Keys Reef Lights Foundation has received permission from the Coast Guard to replace the zinc anodes on the Florida Keys Reef Lighthouses Carysfort, Alligator, Sombrero and American Shoal reef lights, according to foundation officials. Zinc anodes, which serve as a sacrificial metal, are used to preserve the iron legs of the lights, much as anodes are used to protect the lower units of outboard engines and other metals below the water line on boats.Florida Keys Reef Lighthouses - Alligator

Due to budget cuts, the lights have not received basic maintenance in many years. In May 2015 the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation noted all six of the Florida Keys reef lights as being among the “Most Endangered Historic Sites” in Florida. Eric S. Martin, president of the Florida Keys Reef Lights Foundation, has been in contact with the Coast Guard regarding the maintenance of the Keys lights for many years. The foundation has worked with Biscayne National Park on initial stabilization and restoration of Fowey Rocks light and has raised $77,000 toward that effort. The foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization and can be contacted through

Story from the Florida Keys Free Press

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