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Florida Keys Diving

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Key Largo is know as the Dive Capital of the World.

Truth be told, the Florida Keys diving is pretty great throughout the Florida Keys and is a true Keys Treasure.

Dive museum

The Florida Keys History of Diving Museum is designed to provide an educational and cultural experience focusing on the history of undersea exploration, specific to the Keys. The Bauers say the museum will collect and preserve artifacts, antiques, books, documents, photographs and oral histories relative to diving and the unique role the Keys have played in it.

They have been collecting historic diving artifacts for more than 30 years and claim they hold the world’s largest collection of its kind. The Baurers have written and lectured on the topic of historic diving equipment and underwater exploration throughout the years. They worked to establish the museum for five years, and received a $25,000 contribution from the Albert E. and Birdie W. Einstein Fund to help develop initial exhibits. They say that as the museum expands, it will sponsor scuba diving seminars and symposiums.

NEW Divers-Down Flag Law

How do you stay safe while diving? One of the most important pieces of dive equipment is thedivers down flag. Several of the diving flag regulations have changed. The new minimum size for any divers down flag displayed on a buoy or float towed by the diver is 12 inches by 12 inches. The minimum size for any divers-down flag displayed from a vessel or structure is 20 inches by 24 inches.

Full Regulation

Diving ban in areas of Keys during lobster mini-season approved.

KEY WEST, Fla. – Monroe County commissioners approved a ban on snorkeling and scuba diving near marinas and private shorelines in the Florida Keys during the two-day mini season for spiny lobsters (also referred to as the Florida lobster sport season).
Read more about this new lobster mini season regulation in the Florida Keys.

Handle With Care – Even the Cute Fish

Mad Puffer Fish Attacks Diver

Diving the Hole in the Wall off Jupiter is always an unusual dive. The depth and proximity to the Gulfstream attracts many large pelagic visitors. This day turned stranger when a porcupine puffer fish launched out of a hole and bit my little finger off. Yes, I said puffer fish. Those cute, cuddly, doe –eyed denizens of the deep apparently have quite a temper and a vicious set of teeth.


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