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Major Resorts Opening and Renovating in Florida Keys

Resorts in the Florida Keys are opening and renovating faster than you can say “Ernest Hemingway.”  What does Hemingway have to do with it?  The iconic American author lived in Key West during the 1930s, when he penned The Snows of Kilimanjaro and To Have and Have Not, and immortalized the free-spirited isle in literary…

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Best Weekend Trips to the Florida Keys From Miami Right Now

  By Julia Ford-Carther Just a short drive from Miami, trips to the Florida Keys—stretching from Key Largo to Key West—offer a different way to experience paradise. Surfboards and Adirondack chairs beckon outside The Beach Café at Morada Bay. While Miamians live where everyone else vacations, residents like to sneak away occasionally for a change…

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Wildlife Mobster Arrested on Snapper Charges in Islamorada

A 37-year-old Hialeah man accused of poaching snappers Friday, Nov. 27, while fishing from a bridge was arrested by a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer. The man was charged with possession of undersized yellowtail snapper, possession of undersized mangrove snapper and possession of undersized schoolmaster snapper, all of which put him over the…

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Best Stops on the Overseas Highway – Islamorada

Road trips don’t come more spectacular than the Overseas Highway. Sailing through tropical savanna over the Florida Straits, it links Miami on the mainland with the 180-kilometer-long Florida Keys island chain. Most visitors head straight to Key West, the southernmost city in the continental United States, but if they stopped along the way they’d find secluded…


Islamorada’s Bob Rich is ‘Looking Through Water’ in New Book

Islamorada’s Bob Rich is known as one of the wealthiest men in the country through his family’s wholesale food company Rich Products Inc., for which he is chairman, but increasingly he’s getting better known for his angling. Now, after producing four books — “Fish Fights,” “The Fishing Club,” “The Right Angle” and “Brothers and Sisters…

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No Matter How it Got There – The Eagle is a Great Dive

“Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed!” So announced American Astronaut Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969, when he and fellow Astronaut Buzz Aldrin were the first humans to land on the moon. Six hours later, Armstrong stepped off the ladder of the lunar module saying his historically famous words, “That’s one small step…

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Shoreline Snorkeling at Florida Keys State Parks

Want to brush up on your snorkeling skills or enjoy the beautiful Florida Keys’ waters without paying for a boat trip? You won’t see massive coral formations as shown on television, but you can find a wonderful and intriguing underwater world in the nearshore waters. At three area Florida State Parks, a quick swim will…

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Protecting and Restoring Seagrass at Lignumvitae Key

Visiting the Florida Keys usually means a trip to the coral reef, a habitat that is truly a wonder to behold. However, the lesser-known, but equally important seagrass habitat is worth mentioning. Seagrass beds provide food and shelter for numerous animals including fish, queen conch, lobster, shrimp, crab and smaller colonies of coral. Seagrass trap…

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Keys National Marine Sanctuary Repairs Cheeca Rocks Reef

A team from Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary finalized a project to restore living coral colonies on a damaged patch reef near Cheeca Rocks that was injured when a rogue buoy dragged across it. Boat groundings, anchors, chains and other items that drag along the seafloor can damage or destroy a reef’s complex formations —…

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FWC Law Enforcement Weekly Report 9-18 to 9-24

SOUTH REGION B – MONROE COUNTY Lieutenant Payne along with Officers Piekenbrock and Martino were on routine water patrol in Waltz Key Basin north of Key West. Shortly after sunset the officers noticed a small skiff returning from offshore with no running lights. The officers followed undetected until they were in close proximity of the skiff….