“Bloodline” Netflix’s thriller drama centered on the Rayburn clan is still a year away from its return, but it’s never too early to speculate on what lies ahead for the conflicted family. After Danny’s (Ben Mendelsohn) murder, his son Nolan (Owen Teague) may have bigger shoes to fill next season. Season 2 left off with John Rayburn (Kyle Chandler) getting in his car and driving away but it was not revealed where he was heading. If one thing is for certain, he is now on the run as he tries to keep his secret about Danny’s death. Meg (Linda Cardellini), who was also involved in the crime, was close to confessing to her mother Sally (Sissy Spacek) but later decided to just hide the truth.

Bloodline NolanMeanwhile, the finale also saw Nolan blaming himself for what happened to his estranged father. “It was my fault,” he told John’s wife Diana (Jacinda Barrett), referring to how he burned down the restaurant which made Danny return to the Keys. “He came back because of me and he needed money because of me.”Now that John is out of the picture and Danny is dead, there are speculations that the story will revolve around Nolan. Since Teague’s character shares many striking similarities with his father, Nolan seems like the best candidate to be the next Danny. However, the young actor believes that it might not be possible since his character always wants to “be his own person.”

In a recent interview with Tampa Bay Times, Teague further explained that Nolan had a bad relationship with his father, which means that it’s highly unlikely that he’d take after Danny. “He didn’t have a good time with Danny as a dad. Danny was in and out of his life and kept letting Nolan down,” he said. Although he would not be just another version of his father, Nolan’s character still has a lot of issues that could be explored next season.

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“Bloodline” season 3 is expected to premiere next year on Netflix, but the network has yet to announce a definitive premiere date.

Source: ‘Bloodline’ season 3 spoilers, plot rumors

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