How to Catch Spiny Lobster in the Florida Keys While Snorkeling – Video

If you have ever been down to the Florida Keys for the opening of lobster season, then you know how passionate people get for catching lobster. (And for any of . This video will show you specifics on how to catch spiny lobster. Whether you just snorkel or have scuba diving equipment you’ll see how you can go to places . Florida Keys Spiny Lobster fishing, catching, cleaning & cooking HOW TO in this new gopro video feat. lots of underwater footage. Shot during Darcie’s annual Lobster diving in the Florida Keys is an incredibly fun and rewarding activity (if you have the proper gear that is).


Spiny Lobster Kit

Lobster Kit

The Perfect kit for Florida Lobster. Here are the all the vital things you need when you dive for the

“bugs”. Start with a durable, aluminum tickle stick for backing your catch into the quality strength aluminum framed net. The honey combed gloves allow you to easily grip the bug. The aluminum lobster gauge (you are required to have on in your possession when lobstering) is easy to measure your catches to make sure they are not under the legal size limit. And finally a large mesh bag to store your catch.

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